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Do you like Anime? Are you interested in Japanese culture? Choose me! I was born and brought up in Tokyo. I have lived in Tokyo for here for over 20 years, and also lived in Wales for about 7 years. I believe, Tokyo, is a very unique place with the good combination of new culture and old traditions, and I love both of them, of course! I’m a big fan of Anime, few of my favorites are: Kimetsuno Yaiba, My Hero Academia, ONEPIECE, Sailor moon, Uta no Prince Sama, Love Live! … and more. Some anime stories are based in Tokyo, so shall we dive into the Anime scene in the real world. Besides anime, I love our history and old traditions. Japanese history is very different from European’s so, foreigners might find it a bit complex. However, it’s very interesting. I have visited over 300 shrines and temples. So how about we visit those places together to experience a bit of Japanese history and culture? Let’s make your stay fascinating one!

What does traveling mean to me

A chance to make new Friends, get an experience, be curious, and happiness.

The failure stories in previous trips

I made a day trip to Pisa from Florence and forgot to bring the map along. Upon arriving, I asked the locals for directions but no one spoke English so it was of no help. I totally got lost and entered some hospital ground…!!! It took about twice the time to finally arrive at the place where I really wanted to go.

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