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Naoki Mizokuchi

About me

Hello guys!! I am a photographer who loves barbecue. I live in a small house in Kyoto with my wife and daughter. During the holidays, I go to places surrounded by nature with my family to enjoy camping and have a barbecue. The ingredients we use to barbecue are carefully made by Japanese farmers. It is a luxurious time to eat while enjoying the feel of the earth, wind and the sound of the flowing river. I like setting up the bonfire when it gets chilly. People are said to speak more honestly when surrounded by a bonfire. Let us sit around the bonfire and share our experiences. I usually take the photos as a reminder of that irreplaceable time. In addition, I have worked as a location photographer at a kimono shop for three years. Please contact me if you are interested as I can arrange a photoshoot for you in a few of my favourite shooting spots in Kyoto.. Let's enjoy our time together!

What does traveling mean to me

Traveling helps us make connections with people that further helps us dream and achieve more. in our daily lives, it helps us find happiness in small things.

The failure stories in previous trips

When I went to India, I wanted to get along with the Indians. So I took a soccer ball and started playing with an Indian on the bank of Ganges. Every time the ball fell into the Ganges, I had to jump and get it from there. I got injured many times that led me to have a tetanus.

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