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I am Sommelier and Tokyoite, who loves wine and strolling around the back alleys of Tokyo. Few of my favourite areas are around my workplace i.e. Ginza and Ueno Park where I used to stroll with my family when I was a kid. On my days off, I usually go to temples and shrines to collect the Goshuin Stamps, to wineries, Sake breweries or bar hopping around Kanto-Koshinetsu area. I would like to you to introduce you to a little different side of Tokyo’s touristy place. These can be seen through collecting Goshuin following the unusual route. Moreover, I would like to take you to the winery in Yamanashi Prefecture where I usually go for work related study. Let’s walk through the path looking for hot springs and wine. You can also have a valuable experience of wine tasting in the Japanese vineyard and unique wine culture that is different from Western grape crafting. In the online plan, I will explain through photos about the production areas where sake, wine, whiskey, and beer are made in Japan. The locations would be the ones where I had been to such as Tokyo, Yamanashi, Nagano, Kyoto, Shimane, and Kumamoto. I hope it would be a good chance to get to know the liquor-producing regions around Japan that locals know!

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The pictures are worth a thousand words

The failure stories in previous trips

By mistake I bought the night express bus ticket for the following day thinking it to be that day’s. I got to know about it when I tried to use the night coach. Be careful while buying late night tickets as the dates can get quite confusing!!

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      • Sachiko Ahunwan
        Reiko knows a izakaya with delicious meals. And it is only in Ginza that you can visit the back alley shrine. Reiko is very familiar with history, so it is a very enjoyable tour. Highly recommended.

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