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I was born and brought up in Japan, married to a foreigner. I have been living for over 30 years in Yanaka.Yanaka is the coolest place, where traditional and modern Tokyo co-exist. It is a home to many artisans. The neighborhood area, Nishi Nippori is not yet a tourist attraction but a very nice place to visit. Music is my life and I enjoy playing trumpet in a Latin band.I used to play Koto (Japanese stringed musical instrument) when I was young and I will soon start playing it again as a Master of Koto. I love going to Jazz clubs for Jazz sessions. Let’s go together if you wanna play along with the Japanese musicians! I have a thing for Ukiyo-e (Japanese art) and I know Ukiyo-e master workshop in Nishi Nippori.It is not yet a tourist attraction but a very nice place to visit. You can visit the workshop and buy some art. In the online plan, I will introduce you to Japanese home cooking! I will prepare a Japanese dish and will wait :) Apart from that I will share the details of the recipe etc. Also, you might have a chance to enjoy my Koto performance. Let's enjoy chatting in a relaxed atmosphere together!

What does traveling mean to me

Life is a journey, the journey is life ! It means that life is a journey filled with lessons, hardships, heartaches, joys, celebrations and special moments that will ultimately lead us to our destination, our purpose in life.

The failure stories in previous trips

I had diarrhea in India and lost weight. I got troubled by the armed robbers In Nigeria and fell in love in Kenya.

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      • Minerva Bhasin
        Chat with Sachiko was quite comprehensive. She also prepared few Japanese dishes for me and explained me the recipe in details.I'm looking forward to meet her in person during my next visit to Japan! See Ya soon :))

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