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Hello World ! I'm a pro skier, licensed by Mountain Guide Association , and a travel surfer in Japan. I usually like to spend my time around nature and travelling all around the world . I am well aware of the identity and originality of Japan’s nature . You will find the traditional constructions and classical culture surrounded by nature ! I would like to show you how much beautiful that is ! Can't wait to catch up with you !! Let’s go explore the mesmerising nature!! In the online plan, I will show you the beautiful nature in Japan through the movies that I had filmed before. Let me show you around the mesmerising nature that only locals know of. Virtually experience the fun of outdoor activities in Japan !

What does traveling mean to me

Achance to brushme up and to makethings exciting for me.

The failure stories in previous trips

I was hitchhiking in Alaska where I was dropped off in the middle of nowhere. The nearest town was around 200km away. I was all alone waiting for the next vehicle for more than 10 hours but none came. It started to get dark and I could hear the wolves howling. I was so damn scared!!

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      • Yumikio Sameshima
        This guy TK was fantastic! He taught me some of the best places both in Japan and in the world he has visited before. I added the places to my bucket list and would like to see it when this hard time is over.

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