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Hello World ! I'm a pro skier, licensed by Mountain Guide Association , and a travel surfer in Japan. I usually like to spend my time around nature and travelling all around the world . I am well aware of the identity and originality of Japan’s nature . You will find the traditional constructions and classical culture surrounded by nature ! I would like to show you how much beautiful that is ! Can't wait to catch up with you !! Let’s go explore the mesmerising nature!!

What does traveling mean to me

Achance to brushme up and to makethings exciting for me.

The failure stories in previous trips

I was hitchhiking in Alaska where I was dropped off in the middle of nowhere. The nearest town was around 200km away. I was all alone waiting for the next vehicle for more than 10 hours but none came. It started to get dark and I could hear the wolves howling. I was so damn scared!!

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