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Hi, my name is Yo !! I have a strong Aussie accent since I have lived in Sydney, Australia for a while. “Hey mate!” lol Isn’t it hard to travel here in Japan!? I know, right! Crazy trains, many rules, taboos, etc OMG! Then, call me out! I can show and teach you some basics of Japan which probably won’t get taught but if you know them, it’s gonna make the rest of your trip much easier. My profession is a tour guide, and I take a group of overseas travellers to many places in Japan. I know well aware with Japan’s culture, traditions, customs,etc. Let’s hangout together and have a chilled-out and memorable the trip! I would like to share one of my recommended local spots in Japan i.e. Izu Peninsula where I used to live. Izu Peninsula is surrounded by the beautiful nature and its atmosphere is quite different from the metro cities.

What does traveling mean to me

Something that gives me new experiences and raises me up.

The failure stories in previous trips

I traveled to Bali, Indonesia when I was 18 years old. I always try to experience local things. I tried rabbit satay in very local market and got sick later. I still clearly remember the night I stayed up all night in a toilet (it wasn’t even a heated toilet lol).

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      • Minerva Bhasin
        I really wanted to visit Japan this year but due to the rapid spread of Corona Virus, I don't think it would be possible any time soon. Thanks to GuruGuru Guide's virtual tour, I got to know about the different side of Japan. I'm really looking forward to visiting all the places those Yo san had recommended during our chat !!:))

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