A Taiwanese girl who loves Japan and modern art.

YuTing Lin

About me

I am from Taipei, Taiwan, currently residing in Tokyo, Japan.I working in a travel agency in Japan that assists tourists from all over the world. I have many hobbies and interests such as traveling, art and chilling out in some fancy cafe and so on. If I’m asked to recommend a good spot in Japan,I would always suggest "Omohara". Omo stands for Omotesando and Hara for Harajuku areas. This area is known as a hub for new fashion trends and contemporary Japanese culture among the youngsters. We call it, “Japanese kawaii culture”. Moreover, there are so many famous architectures and galleries around this area. If you would like to explore the traditional activities, there are few temples and museums.In this area, one can have various kinds of experiences. I can assure you that once you visit “Omohara”, you’re gonna fall in love with it.

What does traveling mean to me

I think traveling is the best way to make friends, gain knowledge, freedom and the treasure that only belongs to you.

The failure stories in previous trips

In high school, I used to play violin. Once, our orchestra went to New York to perform. When we arrived at New York, I was so stupid that I forgot my violin at the airport. At that time the violin was the most important thing to me as one has to bring their own instruments. Fortunately, everyone took out some time and helped me looking for it. Since then, I’ve become more careful when travelling.

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