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Yukino Mikami

About me

I am interested in a lot of things so I can suggest a wide range plans depending on guest's likes and wishes. I love eating and drinking. I enjoy cheap & tasty local bar-hopping at least 2 to 3 times a week, rarely it continues to the next day. I choose my drinks depending on the dish.The people around me say that my stomach is a ‘black hole’, so do not worry if you are a big eater! I often go to traditional and provincial restaurants. In addition to the above mentioned, I also have a keen interest in music, art, history, movies, comics, etc… Feel free to contact me for your wonderful stay!

What does traveling mean to me

It makes me expand my viewpoint and finding new me by exploring different cultures and meeting new people.

The failure stories in previous trips

When I went to Poland, I didn’t carry the wifi and got lost as I didn’t know the location of the hotel. I tried asking around but since they weren’t used to Asian’s English, they shut me down before I could complete a sentence.I hit it for over an hour with a big suitcase. At last when I had no other option, I used my phone to make a call to reach the hotel and turned out to be quite expensive as I was on international roaming.

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      • Yumikio Sameshima
        Yukino was an awesome guide! Friendly, open-minded and flexible. She knows many good bars around Shibuya. She gave me a wide range of choices depends on what I felt like having then. I really loved the bars she took me to, especially the one with Japanese SAKE was fantastic! I could try several different kinds of SAKE which were quite rare ones there. I also enjoyed the conversation with her very much. It turned out she has been to some places that I want to go, so she gave me useful information about it!
      • Niioka
        Yukino-san was fun and accommodating. We both like traveling so we had a lot of common ground and it was easy to talk to her about a wide range of topics. She took us to a cool place full of locals for the bar hopping, with a great atmosphere and great food. Yukino-san made the tour very enjoyable and I would go on her tour again if given the opportunity.
      • Tak Su
        Shibuya is so familiar town to me. Thanks to her, although I might have drunk more than 100 times in this town, I discovered unknown part of Shibuya. In addition, Yukino is sincere and interesting guide. That was quite exciting experience.

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