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Yumikio Sameshima

About me

There are 3 things that I am really into i.e art, traveling and drinking. I am a Tokyo-based artist, doing sculptures and installation art. To see my artworks, please visit my website( I love traveling too. I like to stay in a country for a while and see or experience the culture quite deeply. For example:Thailand which one of my favorite countries, I stayed there for 8 months and visited 50 towns(or I would rather say the villages). I could even speak Thai well then. There are some photos of my trip on my facebook( I also love to drink in small local Japanese style bars and am interested in fetish culture. I would say that I can take the fellow travellers to places they could never be able to find or get in by themselves, such as artist’s home, studios, reception parties, very tiny hidden bars and some crazy events in Tokyo. In the online plan, let's talk about anything related to art, such as the artworks, the exhibitions participated before, the studio, art circumstances in Japan, economic situation of young artists, etc. I will introduce you the life of an artist living in Tokyo.

What does traveling mean to me

To meet a variety of people, see the culture, feel the local life, get to know the diversity in the world.

The failure stories in previous trips

One morning in Kyrgyzstan, I washed my clothes and hung it on at a balcony. A couple of hours later, I checked the laundry and noticed that it was not dry but had frozen!! The lowest was about -20 °C that day.

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      • Maria Chamarina
        I had a great online-tour with Yumikio, who was introducing me into the Japanese lifestyle and his artwork - which is very impressive! He speaks English very well and as an artist himself he was able to give me an unique insight into modern arts in Japan. Thank you very much!

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