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Our guides at GuruGuru Guide are themselves all travellers. We're curious (and sometimes kooky) bunch of people! We have animators, foodies, yogis, dancers, magicians, chefs, sculptors, vegans, train-enthusiasts, film makers, musicians, writers, hikers, beer lovers and a whole lot more. No two guides are the same because no two travellers are the same. Our GuruGuru Guide will share some of the best travel tips about Japan or their hometown while having coffee in some cafe. As many would say, Local-Knowledge is Gold! Feel free to contact your favorite guide and join us!!

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    By foot

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    All over Japan

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・After consulting, the guide suggests you the meeting spot. At first, feel free to request the area. / Food and drink are not included.

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・Cancellations made within14 daysprior to the tour will incur charges.

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Chatting about unique travel tips with GuruGuru Guide in a cafe (30min-1h)

Feel free to pick their brain for local travel knowledge!

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  • Kevin Belhocine
    Saica san was a really helpful and heart warming guide. She also speaks various languages and that was really useful. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to discover Kyoto.

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