Bar-hopping in the streets of the world-famous Shibuya, Tokyo

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    Want to try the hippest Izakaya bars in Shibuya but don't know where to start from? Then, leave it to our GuruGuru Guide who knows everything about Shibuya!

    The guide will choose from the variety of Izakaya bars in Shibuya and take you to the two of their favourite ones.
    Feel free to ask your guides about local travel tips as they themselves are all travellers!

    Our GuruGuru Guide has a deep knowledge about the Izakaya bars in Shibuya and also, all our guides are travellers themselves. It also would be a great opportunity to communicate with Japanese unique travellers. You might have a chance to have an encounter with the locals.

    The Shibuya Crossing is one of the most famous landmarks in Shibuya. Do you know about the new landmark that rose up in the end of 2019?? It is the “SHIBUYA SKY”, an observation deck rising to a height of about 230 m at Shibuya Scramble Square, the tallest building in Shibuya. You will be able to have a panoramic view of the Shibuya Crossing and the city of Shibuya!

    One of the recommended drinking spots in Shibuya is Hyakkendana! Originally, this area was reconstructed after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. This area has one of a kind of atmosphere due to some love hotels in the immediate vicinity of the long-established Izakaya bars ever since the war. It is the hidden drinking spot for adults which you must check out in Shibuya! If you go with the guide, you will freely experience the hidden bars such as a standing bar which offers the rare Sake and seasonal food from Fukushima.

    Nonbei Yokocho is one of our recommended drinking spots in Shibuya! It is a good old drinking area with about 40 tiny Japanese Izakaya bars of less than 10 square meters each, along the JR Yamanote Line tracks. It rose up shortly after the war in 1945. Yakitori and Oden are still popular as the specialty at Nonbei Yokocho. After the war, people used to say, “The bigger the better”. Therefore, the portion on Yakitori and Oden is still large. One of the best parts of Nonbei Yokocho is that you can enjoy chatting with the staff and other customers!

    In this plan, you can choose from different guides such as photographers, artists, musicians, etc as all our guides are travellers themselves. Pick up your favorite guide and enjoy one of a kind bar hopping experience in the hippest night spot in Shibuya!

    Lastly, we would like to inform you our original 5 measures against COVID-19.

    1. Try to wash our hands frequently

    2. Let the guides wear a mask during the plan

    3. Dish out the food on small plates in a restaurant

    4. Keep suitable social distance (e.g. sitting at the counter seats, talking side by side)

    5. Avoid going to crowded places as much as possible

    For more travel & safety tips in Japan, please visit the link below.

    <JNTO official website>

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    Meetup in Shibuya station

    Please chat about the exact meeting point with your guide in advance.

    1st Izakaya bars which GuruGuru guide recommends(60min)

    Let's enjoy drinking & eating in Japanese local Izakaya bar's atmosphere!

    2nd Izakaya bar and chat more with GuruGuru guide(60min)

    Good chance to get some travel tips throughout Japan!

    Thank you for joining us! See you again!

    Meeting place for this plan

    Shibuya station


    • Yumikio Sameshima
      Yukino was an awesome guide! Friendly, open-minded and flexible. She knows many good bars around Shibuya. She gave me a wide range of choices depends on what I felt like having then. I really loved the bars she took me to, especially the one with Japanese SAKE was fantastic! I could try several different kinds of SAKE which were quite rare ones there. I also enjoyed the conversation with her very much. It turned out she has been to some places that I want to go, so she gave me useful information about it!
    • Niioka
      Yukino-san was fun and accommodating. We both like traveling so we had a lot of common ground and it was easy to talk to her about a wide range of topics. She took us to a cool place full of locals for the bar hopping, with a great atmosphere and great food. Yukino-san made the tour very enjoyable and I would go on her tour again if given the opportunity.
    • Tak Su
      Shibuya is so familiar town to me. Thanks to her, although I might have drunk more than 100 times in this town, I discovered unknown part of Shibuya. In addition, Yukino is sincere and interesting guide. That was quite exciting experience.

    You know everything about this plan!