Drive around the beautiful nature spot in Hokkaido

GuruGuru Guides take you to the best seasonal spots in Hokkaido by car!

Can guide up to 2 people.

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    No strangers. Just you and your local host

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If you are a nature lover then Hokkaido is the place that you must visit! From Sapporo, the main gateway of Hokkaido, let's start to explore the beautiful countrysides! There are a bunch of beautiful nature spots and the land spreads out vastly so it's sometimes it's difficult choose the best place especially the local one. In this tour, our unique GuruGuru Guide will take you to the recommended places by car! You have a chance to visit some hidden local spots there. While driving, don't forget to ask about some local travel tips in Hokkaido or throughout Japan! Magnificent landscape in Hokkaido will be waiting for you!

4 reasons to book this tour

Basic information

  • Time

    6 hours

  • Total number of participants


  • Transportation

    By car

  • Location


  • travellers


Designated driver


Points to consider

・The customer may rent a car himself but the guide will have do the driver's registration for you.

What to prepare

International driving license (required for car rental)

Cancellation policy

・Cancellations made within14 daysprior to the tour will incur charges.

Tour flowchart

Meetup at South Exit of JR Sapporo Station (S-1)

Chat about the meeting point & other details with your guide in advance.

Rent a car at rental shop near the Sapporo Station

The guide will help you with the registration.

GuruGuru guide takes you to recommended beautiful nature spots by car.(1〜1.5h)

You have a chance to explore the hidden local spots!

Lunch time at local restaurant in Hokkaido (1h)

Enjoy the local cusine as the locals do!

Let's go back to driving around beautiful countryside (1〜1.5h)

It's time to take photos of magnificent landscapes of Hokkaido!

Go back to rental car shop in Sapporo to return the car.

Thank you for joining us! See you again!

Meeting place for this plan

JR Sapporo Station

You know everything about this plan!