Bar-hopping in Tokyo's "Salary-Men Town"

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    Curious to drink with locals in Tokyo???

    Don't miss out on visiting the unique Izakaya bars of Ginza, Yurakucho and Shimbashi areas!

    Shimbashi is also known as "Salary-Men Town", so it's one of the most popular drinking areas among Japanese salary-men. After work, they gather in small local Izakaya bars and enjoy drinking & chatting together in a cosy atmosphere.

    In this tour, our cool GuruGuru Guide will take you to 2 selected Izakaya bars and show you how to enjoy it as the locals do. Each area is quite accessible and is at walking distance of 5-10 mins from one another which is perfect for bar hopping!

    Also, you may ask your guide to give you some travel tips about Japan as GuruGuru guides are themselves all travelers and would love to share their experiences with you. Let's discover unique Izakaya bars and enjoy eating, drinking and chatting together!

    Lastly, we would like to inform you our original 5 measures against COVID-19.

    1. Try to wash our hands frequently

    2. Let the guides wear a mask during the plan

    3. Dish out the food on small plates in a restaurant

    4. Keep suitable social distance (e.g. sitting at the counter seats, talking side by side)

    5. Avoid going to crowded places as much as possible

    For more travel & safety tips in Japan, please visit the link below.

    <JNTO official website>

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    • Time

      2 hours and a half

    • Transportation

      By foot

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    3 dishes + 4 drinks or 4 dishes + 3 drinks

    Points to consider

    ・・Drinking under the age of 20 is prohibited. ・You do not need to pay for the guide's food and drinks.

    What to prepare

    Get hungry enough!

    Cancellation policy

    ・Cancellations made within14 daysprior to the tour will incur charges.

    ・If you feel uneasy or suspected to be infected due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (n-Covid19), you can cancel it for no charge. Please notify us on


    Meetup with your GuruGuru Guide!

    Please discuss about the exact meeting point and time with your guide in advance.

    1st Izakaya bars which GuruGuru guide recommends(60min)

    The guide will show you how to enjoy Japanese Izakaya bars.

    2nd Izakaya bar and chat more with GuruGuru guide(60min)

    Feel free to pick their brains for local travel tips! You also have a chance to meet some locals and get to drink with them!

    Thank you for joining us! See you again!

    Meeting place for this plan

    e.g. Yurakucho Station(Discuss about the exact meeting point with your guide in advance.)


    • Sachiko Ahunwan
      Reiko knows a izakaya with delicious meals. And it is only in Ginza that you can visit the back alley shrine. Reiko is very familiar with history, so it is a very enjoyable tour. Highly recommended.

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