Exploring around Mt. Akagi & Kiryu - 2 Days

Explore the hidden gems around Mt. Akagi, discovered by Pro-French speaking guide.

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    If you are tired of the over crowded tourist spots, why not take a two-day trip to Kiryu and Akagiyama, where you can fully immerse yourself in the nature and authentic traditional culture of Japan.

    This tour is a plan filled with the charms of Kiryu and Mt. Akagi discovered by Pro-French speaking guide who was brought up in France and is currently guiding in Japan for over 100 days in a year.

    In this tour, you will be taken to Kiryu city at foothills of Mt. Akagi which is 2 hours away from Tokyo. There is a legend about God residing at Mt. Akagi and Kiryu is famous as the production centre of Kimono along with Nishijin of Kyoto. It is packed with tradition, history, and nature, but it is still not well known by foreigners, so you can spend time leisurely. We will mainly use e-bikes that can easily run on mountain roads.

    The highlights of tour's first day: the unexplored ramen shop, the temple where you can find the treasures of the Mt. Akagi's legends, and Kimono's hometown and retro town, Kiryu.

    The second day, if you stay at the Shukubo, Temple Lodging, your day begins with the temple's daily routine, Otsutome. There is no doubt that you will get the sacred power if you get up early. After breakfast, the tour can be customised as per your likings and the season. You can either go to Mt. Akagi's summit with two lakes namely, Onuma and Konuma (you can listen to the realistic legend at the temple on the first day) or go to Gunma Flower Park, which is famous for its flowers and winter illuminations. If you are interested in kimonos, you should explore the kimono spots in Kiryu city.

    Since it is an e-bike trip, you can freely combine the spots you want to visit as you wish. Let's go and enjoy around the unique spots of Mt.Akagi and Kiryu to the fullest!

    Lastly, we would like to inform you our original 5 measures against COVID-19.

    1. Try to wash our hands frequently

    2. Let the guides wear a mask during the plan

    3. Dish out the food on small plates in a restaurant

    4. Keep suitable social distance (e.g. sitting at the counter seats, talking side by side)

    5. Avoid going to crowded places as much as possible

    For more travel & safety tips in Japan, please visit the link below.

    <JNTO official website>


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    • Time

      2 days

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    • Transportation

      By e-bike

    • Location

      Mt. Akagi and Kiryu

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    Customized private tour by GuruGuru Guide

    Points to consider

    ・This tour is exclusive of: all transportation costs such as e-bike and train fare to JR Kiryu Station or Tobu Line Shiro Station for the tour; food and drinks cost and accommodation. Please pay the actual cost on site itself.

    What to prepare

    Please wear clothes that are comforable enough as you'd have to ride the e-bike the whole day.

    Cancellation policy

    ・Cancellations made within14 daysprior to the tour will incur charges.

    ・If you feel uneasy or suspected to be infected due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (n-Covid19), you can cancel it for no charge. Please notify us on


    At 10:00 am, meet at JR Kiryu Station or Tobu Line's Aioi Station

    Kiryu Station is about 100 minutes from JR Ueno Station, and Aioi Station is about 2 hours by limited express from Asakusa. If you wish to change the meeting point, please contact us and we can mutually decide it!

    Ride from Mizunuma Station towards the hidden ramen shop "69tree"

    "69tree" is a unique and exotic shop that usually appears in Ghibli movies. The owner's specialty ramen is exquisite!

    Witness the legend of Mt. Akagi at Ikoji Temple

    Climb the mountain up, further towards the historic Ikoji Temple. There you may hear about a unique story of the stunning Ranma Sculpture (Transom architecture)

    Kimono's hometown: Kiryu or Kiryu: Kimono's hometown

    After getting off the mountain, take a trolley train to Kiryu and explore the town of Kimono. Then, rent a bicycle again in the city and go to excavate the local specialties.

    Recommended accommodation in Kiryu is Shukubo (Temple Lodging)

    In the evening, we will guide you to a pub in Kiryu city and gourmet spots. After that, please stay at your favorite place. Our recommendation is "shukubo"-that is, staying at the temple.

    Customizable as desired, you an choose from different options such as summit of Mt. Akagi, the "Vending Machine Museum", etc

    On the second day, you can choose from, Onuma & Konuma lakes of Mt.Akagi; go to the areas that need reservations, such as Vending Machine Museum or Gunma Flower Park which is famous for winter illumination.

    Meeting place for this plan

    JR Kiryu Station or Tobu Line's Aioi Station *you may discuss with us if you want to meet at some other station in Tokyo*

    You know everything about this plan!