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    Want to try an authentic local food in Japan but don’t know where to go or can’t take a step forward to try it by yourself?? Then, leave it to GuruGuru Guide who has a deep knowledge of gourmet food in Japan!

    Our GuruGuru Guide is not only based in Tokyo but also in Kyoto, Osaka, Hokkaido and many other cities as well! That means you will have a chance to find the local guide in various regions depending on your travel destination :)

    Our foodie GuruGuru Guide will select their recommended spots according to your preferences and organize the personalised food tour just for you! You will also have a chance to discover the local hidden restaurants without any language problem. Please request the details of your preferences and location by chat in advance.

    If you are curious to discover the various trending foodie spots, don’t miss out TOKYO! Around the world it is known as the most popular gourmet city with the various international cuisines. You will find a wide variety of choices from an Italian restaurant at beer brewery to a Michelin-starred restaurant. GuruGuru Guide will show you around the world-leading gourmet city, Tokyo where the long-established and trending foodie spots fuse well !

    Kansai, which includes Kyoto and Osaka, is a different gourmet area from Tokyo. For example, one of the most famous Japanese foods, Sushi in Kansai is different from the one in Tokyo.It has some different features such as a variety of toppings and different the taste of sushi rice. Our GuruGuru Guide living in Kansai will introduce you to the highly recommended local food that you can’t taste in Tokyo!

    When it comes to one of the best “kingdom of gourmet in Japan”, it’s Hokkaido! You will have a chance to enjoy not only fresh seafood but also Genghis Khan, local ramen, soup curry. Usually, you need a car to explore Hokkaido but if you join us, our GuruGuru Guide living in Sapporo will drive you to some foodie spots that only the locals would know of.

    Let's share the table to enjoy eating & chatting with GuruGuru Guide and the locals! Don’t forget to keep your tummies empty enough :)

    Lastly, we would like to inform you our original 5 measures against COVID-19.

    1. Try to wash our hands frequently

    2. Let the guides wear a mask during the plan

    3. Dish out the food on small plates in a restaurant

    4. Keep suitable social distance (e.g. sitting at the counter seats, talking side by side)

    5. Avoid going to crowded places as much as possible

    For more travel & safety tips in Japan, please visit the link below.

    <JNTO official website>


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