【One-day girls' trip from Tokyo】Explore the retro town of Kiryu!

Explore Kiryu City where the old and the new coexist by trolley train!

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    If you are planning a one-day trip (for only girls) from Tokyo, why don't you visit Kiryu, one of the best destinations to experience the traditional Japanese culture and explore the retro streets?

    In this tour, you will enjoy Kiryu, the city where the old and the new coexist, discovered by a Taiwanese guide who has been traveling throughout Japan during her 5 years’s stay.

    Kiryu is located in the eastern Gunma Prefecture, long known for its silk products. It is 2 hours away from Tokyo. Therefore, it is a perfect day-trip destination from Tokyo! This place has a lot of history along with the remains of many Japanese heritage and nationally registered tangible cultural properties. It is also famous for producing Kimonos and textiles and there is a phrase that is used to compare it to Kyoto’s Nishijin “Nishijin of West, Kiryu of East”.

    In this tour, you can experience traditional Japanese religious culture and learn about the traditional silk fabric industry. It's a fun experience to find fashionable shops that have gradually increased over the past few years while enjoying the retro streets. The most attractive thing in Kiryu is the cute trolley train! You can enjoy the amazing view of all the four seasons here.

    During this tour, you will be able to visit several spots to experience Japanese traditional cultures and discover new trends. In Kannonin, you can try Shakyo, one of the Buddhist religious training of copying Buddhist scriptures to another paper. Also, it's possible to capture instagram-worthy spots and take some retro pictures! Please discuss the details with the guide in advance via chat!

    SInce Kiryu is still not well known among the foreigners, you can spend your time leisurely. Let us change into Kimono and take a walk around this classic but new city!

    Lastly, we would like to inform you our original 5 measures against COVID-19.

    1. Try to wash our hands frequently

    2. Let the guides wear a mask during the plan

    3. Dish out the food on small plates in a restaurant

    4. Keep suitable social distance (e.g. sitting at the counter seats, talking side by side)

    5. Avoid going to crowded places as much as possible

    For more travel & safety tips in Japan, please visit the link below.

    <JNTO official website>


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    Customized private tour by GuruGuru Guide

    Points to consider

    ・Food, drinks and transportation expenses are not included. / Please discuss about the spots where you want to visit with the guide in advance.

    What to prepare

    Ask to your guide in advance :)

    Cancellation policy

    ・Cancellations made within14 daysprior to the tour will incur charges.

    ・If you feel uneasy or suspected to be infected due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (n-Covid19), you can cancel it for no charge. Please notify us on


    At 10:00 am, meet at JR Kiryu Station or Tobu Line's Aioi Station

    Kiryu Station is about 100 minutes from JR Ueno Station, and Aioi Station is about 2 hours by Limited Express from Asakusa. If you wish to change the meeting point, please contact us and we can mutaully decide on it!

    Get on the trolley train and head to Mizunuma Station! (40 mins)

    The beautiful view will make you forget the stress from the daily life!

    Arrive at the hot spring centre at Mizunuma Station

    You can try hot spring if you want!

    Visit the hidden ramen shop "69tree" for lunch

    "69tree" is a unique and exotic shop. It seems like one of the shops in Ghibli movies. The owner's specialty ramen is exquisite!

    Take the trolley train from Mizunuma Station to Kiryu Station (40 mins)

    Enjoy the amazing view of all the four seasons here!

    Get into Kimono and explore the town of Kiryu (3 hours)

    You can visit...

    ・Kannonin:Experience religious culture of Japan

    ・Goto Textile Company:Learn about the history of Kiryu and traditional textile technology

    ・Gunma University, Yurinkan:Instagrammable spot

    and more!

    Ask more details from your guide!

    Meeting place for this plan

    JR Kiryu Station or Tobu Line's Aioi Station *you may discuss with us if you want to meet at some other station in Tokyo*

    You know everything about this plan!