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    Due to the spread of COVID-19 many people might have cancelled their trip to Japan. Unfortunately, we also have much less opportunities to meet you guys in Japan.

    Considering the current situation, GuruGuru Guide will offer you an online plan so that you can experience the Japanese culture from home where you feel like you're in Japan! While chatting we will also enjoy munching some snacks and drinks.

    All our guides are unique travellers themselves and they have various interesting topics to share. You will discover the new charms of Japan by connecting to the guide so that your next trip to Japan will be much more fun! Check the details of the available guides and experiences on the bottom of the page and pick up your favorite guide!

    Why don't you spend a safe and enjoyable time at home with unique travellers from Japan? Our GuruGuru Guide will take you on a "Virtual Japanese cultural experience"! After COVID-19 gets stamped out, let's catch up in Japan .We will be waiting for you in Japan!

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    Go to「Pick Your Local」, select the guide and book the plan!

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    Enjoy chatting while munching and have a unique experience!

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    Please confirm the details of the experience and clear your queries well in advance with your guide. If you have any special requests, let your guide know before the beginning of the plan.

    Artist’s life in Japan by Yumikio

    Introducing the life of an artist living in Tokyo.

    Let's talk about anything related to art, such as the artworks, the exhibitions participated before, the studio, art circumstances in Japan, economic situation of young artists, etc.

    Introduction to Japanese home cooking by Sachiko

    I will introduce you to Japanese home cooking! I will prepare a Japanese dish and will wait :)

    Apart from that I will share the details of the recipe etc.

    Also, you might have a chance to enjoy my Koto(Japanese Harp)performance.

    Let's enjoy chatting in a relaxed atmosphere together!

    Discover the liquor-producing regions around Japan with Reiko

    I will explain through photos about the production areas where sake, wine, whiskey, and beer are made in Japan.

    The locations would be the ones where I had been to such as Tokyo, Yamanashi, Nagano, Kyoto, Shimane, and Kumamoto. I hope it would be a good chance to get to know the liquor-producing regions around Japan that locals know!

    Zazen: A guide to sitting meditation by Mizuho

    Hi ! I’m studying Zen Buddhism. I will introduce you to the different types of Buddhism in Japan its history and difference of the sect.

    At last, we will try "Zazen" which means Sitting-Meditation in Japanese.

    Let's go find Japanese cats with Kaori Suzuki

    Introducing the surprising spots in Japan where one may find a clowder of cats in Japan.

    In addition, there is a unique cafe called “Neko Cafe” in Japan. Let's virtually travel together to the unique spots where you can meet Japanese cats.

    Bond over Japanese Manga/ Anime with Anime Geek (Otaku) Guide, HIRO

    I am a big fan of anime and would like to share my favorites with you. Let's talk and bond over Japanese Anime/ Manga!


    I'll introduce the legendary ANIME DANCE!

    If you like ANIME, I'll teach you the most famous ANIME DANCE, Hare Hare Yukai from the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

    Introduction to unique Japanese cuisine named after the foreign cities by Keiko

    Did you know that a part of Japanese cuisine is Western-influenced which is named after the countries or the cities such as French Pilaf, Napolitan etc?

    I will brief you about such dishes in my tour while showing you the pictures and later do a quiz about it.

    Your next trip to Japan will be even more enjoyable if you know the unique tips about Japanese cuisine that originated in Japan with foreign places’ names.

    Meeting place for this plan

    The online meeting tool will be announced in advance through chat. Enjoy the experience with our guides from various locations around Japan. Join us wherever you are :)


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