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    To stop the spread of COVID-19, all the countries have imposed a ban on travel. In such difficult time, many travellers had to cancel their trips to Japan and stayed at home.

    But, don’t get disappointed as GuruGuru Guide has started a new online plan where you can enjoy the virtual trip to Japan. You can virtually travel all over Japan from home in a relaxed atmosphere and plan your future trip to Japan accordingly! While chatting we will also enjoy munching some snacks and drinks.

    All our guides are unique travellers themselves and based in various locations around Japan. Connect with our guides and discover the charms of their hometown or favorite places. By connecting with the guides your next trip to Japan will be much more fun! Check the details of the available guides and experiences at the bottom of the page and pick up your favorite guide!

    Why don't you spend a safe and enjoyable time at home with unique travellers from Japan? Our GuruGuru Guide will take you on a "Virtual trip to Japan"! After COVID-19 gets stamped out, let's catch up in Japan .We will be waiting for you in Japan!

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    ・If you feel uneasy or suspected to be infected due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (n-Covid19), you can cancel it for no charge. Please notify us on


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    Our guides have various unique contents such as Japanese cultural experience and local life in Japan.

    Go to「Pick Your Local」, select the guide and book the plan!

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    Enjoy chatting while munching and have a unique experience!

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    Please confirm the details of the experience and clear your queries well in advance with your guide. If you have any special requests, let your guide know before the beginning of the plan.

    Good Vibes Nature Guide by TKY

    Hello world !

    I will show you the beautiful nature in Japan through the movies that I had filmed before.

    Let me show you around the mesmerising nature that only locals know of.

    Virtually experience the fun of outdoor activities in Japan !

    Touring experience in Japan talked by professional tour guide, Yo

    I've been working as a tour guide for group of travellers in Japan.

    Let me share some experience based on my past experience. Sure...ask me anything, anything really.

    Creative slow living by Saica

    I am an illustrator / designer based in Tamba, a beautiful town in the countryside of Hyogo.

    I live in a shared house, in a traditional folk house and enjoy my life surrounded by rice fields, beautiful creeks and mountains.

    I will show you how to make miso soup and you will join my Japanese traditional breakfast.

    I’m looking forward to showing you my inspiring life here in a very local area!

    Discover the liquor-producing regions around Japan with Reiko

    I will explain through photos about the production areas where sake, wine, whiskey, and beer are made in Japan.

    The locations would be the ones where I had been to such as Tokyo, Yamanashi, Nagano, Kyoto, Shimane, and Kumamoto. I hope it would be a good chance to get to know the liquor-producing regions around Japan that locals know!

    Nakagin Capsule Tower and Ginza Architecture Tour by Tomaki

    In this virtual tour, you will learn about "Nakagin Capusule Tower" the most popular example of Japanese Metabolism along with other various architectures of Ginza.

    Soy sauce Lecture & Factory online tour by Ayaka

    I'll introduce Japanese Shoyu(Soy Sauce) world!

    If you like soy sauce, I'll guide you to Katakami Shoyu Factory online and introduce various kinds of soy sauce.

    Let's go find Japanese cats with Kaori Suzuki

    Introducing the surprising spots in Japan where one may find a clowder of cats in Japan.

    In addition, there is a unique cafe called “Neko Cafe” in Japan. Let's virtually travel together to the unique spots where you can meet Japanese cats.

    Introduction to the Star Festival, "Tanabata" in Hiratsuka-city by Masahiko

    I will introduce you the Star Festival known as "Tanabata" in Hiratsuka-city along with some popular street food that you can find during the festival. Also, I will show you how to make Tanabata decorations by Origami. If you can prepare some Origami or square papers, let's make it together!

    Immerse into “Regular Japanese Lifestyle of Tokyo”: Walking Tour with the local, Kaori Nike

    Virtually explore Kichijoji, one of the most popular towns in the whole country, and take a glimpse of Tokyo's Daily Life by visiting supermarkets, drugstores, 100 yen stores, fun streets etc.

    Escape Kyoto and get lost in the history and nature of Shiga for a day with Nick & Aya

    Introduce Shiga’s history and nature, through activities like hiking.

    We will also give advice on how to experience Kyoto and Shiga like the locals do.

    Explore Shiki city, the ordinary Bedroom Suburb of Tokyo with the local, Erika

    Experience how people live in a town called Shiki.

    I will show you some pics and videos referring to the town festivities and the proud local mascot (yuru-chara) named “Kapal” or the unique miniature Mt Fuji and its worshipping.

    Meeting place for this plan

    The online meeting tool will be announced in advance through chat. Enjoy the experience with our guides from various locations around Japan. Join us wherever you are :)


    • Nicholas Colaccino
      My guide was very friendly and knowledgeable of the local area. After taking a virtual stroll through the streets, I felt as though I had been there. Instead of just seeing the sights or hitting the main attractions, this tour showed me the personal side of the city.
    • Sayuri Saito

    You know everything about this plan!