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    Are you curious about the world of Japanese traditional crafts?? Then, don’t miss out on our Local Craft Market (LCM) connecting with Japanese traditional craftsmen and exploring the inside of the factory!

    LCM is a new online experience for exploring the Japanese traditional crafts and the production areas.

    In LCM tour, you can visit and see inside of Japanese traditional crafts factory through Remo, a virtual event space. Our English speaking GuruGuru Guide will connect you with some craftsmen so that you can easily ask some questions and enjoy the factory tour more deeply. If you find any favorite crafts, you can buy directly from the craftsmen from the online shop.

    Here are the excerpts of the participants in the former projects:

    ・Hyogo craft TRUNK DESIGN:The Local Design Studio (Hyogo)

    ・Hiyoshiya:Japanese Traditional Umbrella & Designed Light (Kyoto)

    ・Horiguchi Kiriko:Kiriko Glass, Japanese Traditional Glassware Crafts (Tokyo)

    ・hyakushiki:Urushi Glass (Nagano)

    ・LinNe:Japanese Traditional Bells (Kyoto)

    ・Matsuba Factory:Japanese Traditional Wooden Crafts (Hiroshima)

    ・itiiti:Tatami Accessory (Kumamoto)

    You will have a great chance to learn deeply about Japanese traditional culture and the current situation of Japanese crafts market from Japanese craftsmen directly. It’s a rare opportunity to talk with Japanese craftsmen even from home in a relaxed atmosphere :) You will definitely enjoy the new encounters with craftsmen and feel their huge passion for their crafts.

    The tour will take around 1 hour but you can finish anytime when you are satisfied so feel free to invite your friends or family!

    Let’s virtually explore the inside of Japanese traditional craft factory and enjoy talking with the craftsmen!

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      1 hour

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      All over Japan

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    Online meeting tool

    Points to consider

    ・At first, our guide will briefly explain about the craftsmen through Zoom, an online meeting tool. After that, we will move to Remo, a virtual event space and enjoy Local Craft Market Tour. / The participants of Japanese craftsmen are subject to change. / Please inform the guide as soon as possible in case you want to cancel because the number of participants are limited. / If you would like to order some craft products during the tour, that cost is not included in the tour price.

    What to prepare

    Your interest and huge love for Japanese traditional craft world. / Possibly, the guide will provide you with the list of Japanese craftsmen in advance so that you can prepare some questions.

    Cancellation policy

    ・Cancellations made within14 daysprior to the tour will incur charges.

    ・If you feel uneasy or suspected to be infected due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (n-Covid19), you can cancel it for no charge. Please notify us on


    Go to「Pick Your Local」, select the guide and book the plan!

    Please select your favorite guide, the date, your preferred time and complete booking.

    Briefly explain about the craftsmen who participate in this tour by Zoom

    Your guide will send you a link to Zoom through chat. Please just click it and your guide will briefly explain about the profiles of Japanese craftsmen, their business and works.

    Move to Remo and enjoy Local Craft Market!

    After the short introduction by Zoom, let's move to Remo and enjoy the online tour inside their factories.

    You can choose some of the craftsmen or your guide will recommend some craftsmen for you.

    Good chance to buy some craft products directly from Japanese craftsmen if you like it!

    Found any favorite craft products?? Then, you can order it directly from the craftsmen! If you have any questions about the crafts, feel free to ask them before you get it.

    Thank you for joining us! See you again!

    The tour will take around 1 hour but you can finish anytime whenever you feel satisfied :) We would be glad if you answer questionnaires after the tour.

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    The guide will send you a link of Zoom in advance through chat. Enjoy the experience with our guides from all over Japan. Join us wherever you are :)

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