Walk around the Kimono Town, Kiryu wearing Kimono and experience the unknown Japanese Bar Culture ''SNACK"

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    Why don't you join us on a night tour in Kimono Town, Kiryu which is a traditional town like Kyoto, where you walk around wearing a kimono and later enjoy the unique nightlife culture called "Snack Bar"?

    Kiryu in Gunma Prefecture is an area full of attractions that combines gourmet food and history, which can be reached in about 2 hours from Tokyo. It is close to Mt. Akagi or Akagiyama, an area surrounded with wonderful nature.
    It is famous for silk fabrics. There is a phrase that is used to compare it to Kyoto’s Nishijin “Nishijin of West, Kiryu of East”. This town weaves the finest kimono called "Omeshi", which was used by the Tokugawa Shogun. As a fashion town, it is still involved in the sewing for the various high-end brands and companies.

    In this tour, walk through the best photo spots in the vicinity wearing the kimono . You can also enjoy the traditional sweets and matcha green tea during your break. A perfect collaboration of retro cityscape and kimono. There is no doubt that you will get mesmerized by the scenery as if you have slipped back in time! You can also click insta-worthy photos and enjoy making lamps using silk thread.

    At night, we'll head to the "Izakaya" before "Snack Bar". You can enjoy Gunma's gourmet food and local sake, which is known as "The Kitchen of Tokyo".
    And wait, we will guide you to a Japanese-style bar called "Snack Bar". It it not something where one goes to enjoy the food and alcohol but to socialise with the bar's staff and the other customers while enjoying the snacks with alcohol. A server called "Mama" serves sake over the counter. You can enjoy karaoke, talk, and have a good time there.

    In the cities the price are a little high due to the number of snack bars in the key urban areas has dwindled considerably. However, in Kiryu since it is reasonably priced one can enjoy along with Karaoke with not only "Mama" but also can have a unique interaction with the locals!

    You can learn how to enjoy Japanese "Snack Bar" culture and manners that foreigners cannot easily get to experience.

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    Basic information

    • Transportation

      By foot

    • Time

      6〜7 hours

    • Location

      Mt. Akagi and Kiryu

    • Total number of participants


    • drinkers
    • foodie
    • local
    • fashion


    English speaking guide

    Kimono Rental and Dressing Fee

    Points to consider

    ・This tour includes only the dressing fee, matcha and sweets charges, Japanese lamp making fee and guide's charges. Please note that It does not include other food and drink fee. Please pay for the expenses incurred locally when walking around Kiryu city or for snacks.

    What to prepare

    Please chat in advance about the tour area, meeting point and time / Drinking under the age of 20 is prohibited / No need to pay for the guide's food and drinks!

    Cancellation policy

    ・Cancellations made within14 daysprior to the tour will incur charges.

    ・If you feel uneasy or suspected to be infected due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (n-Covid19), you can cancel it for no charge. Please notify us on


    Meet at Kiryu Station

    Please chat about the exact meeting point with your guide in advance.

    Let's choose a special kimono

    Let's get donned in Kimono by Kimono School which is about 3 minutes walk from the Kiryu Station.

    Kimono colors and patterns range from chic to glossy to cute.

    Find your favorite kimono!!

    Enjoy the retro cityscape in kimono

    Take a walk in Kiryu city by a brick warehouse, a stylish cafe renovated from an old folk house, Kiryu Tenmangu Shrine before the "Snack Bar" opens ... You will want to take the pictures in your kimono complimenting the scenery!

    Take a break with matcha and Japanese sweets

    Enjoy matcha green tea and Japanese sweets in a wonderful old wooden house which is about 100 years old. You can also take a tour of the building. Especially, the view from the 2nd floor is the best which is also a great spot to take pictures in kimono.

    Experience making Japanese lamps with silk and spinning wheel

    The oldest record about Kiryu silk is found in Shoku-Nihongi, one of the most important chronicles about early Japanese history, dating back to the 8th century AD that it was called "Kiryu in the west". Although it is not possible for beginners to make silk fabrics, we will make lamps with a Japanese taste using deeply connected silk and spinning wheels. It will leave an imprint in you memories !

    Let's go to the night city!

    After enjoying the cityscape of Kiryu to your heart's content, it's finally time to enjoy the night at "Izakaya" and "Snack"!

    The staying time per store is about 1 hour. Let's have a drink while having fun with moms and local customers

    Meeting place for this plan

    Meeting Time: 13:00 Meet at JR Kiryu Station In case you would like us to recommend you nice lunch places and accommodations, please get in touch before making the reservation.

    You know everything about this plan!